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In May 2012 I was contact by the Project Director of the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project about creating an illustrated story in a similar format to A Death in Hanoi to promote awareness of the critically endangered Cat Ba Langur. The idea captured my interest and I took a trip out to Cat Ba Island, near Ha Long Bay, to view the National Park and the langur's environment. While I was not able to see any langurs in person, I was lucky enough to view many images taken with a motion sensor camera which was located inside of a cave frequented by a small group of langurs. These images allowed the viewer to witness the antics and habits of the langurs, as well as to see the other inhabitants of their cave, such as mice and owls.

The story itself was inspired by many of these images. I was also as inspired by the process of translocating two female langurs from an isolated spot into a larger langur community where they would have a chance to breed. This translocation was undertaken in the fall of 2012 by the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project in cooperation with the Vietnamese authorities.

To create a new challenge for myself, the images were created as three dimensional dioramas. The inclusion of a cave and underground space made this process more interesting for me. The resulting images were printed as a book entitled The Lonely Langur. The dioramas were exhibited in Hanoi at Manzi Art Space in January 2013. The book is available at The Bookworm, Manzi Art Space, Green Mango and at various locations on Cat Ba Island.

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