Homeless Shadows is an ongoing collaboration between First They Came for the Homeless camp residents, the Bay Area Harmonica Club, and members of the public, including myself. The objective of the project is threefold:

-to provide opportunities for communication between the homeless community and other communities through the act of creative collaboration;

-to promote the public image of homeless individuals as equals, while simultaneously addressing the stigma in society against the homeless;

-to have fun making art together.

Our community has been meeting once a month since January 2017 to collaborate on the design and construction of shadow scenes which are then displayed in 3 tents at a homeless encampment located in Berkeley, CA. The scenes are illuminated at night in a location that is highly visible to foot, bike, and car traffic.


The tent shadow scenes have the advantage of providing a blank canvas for individuals to express ideas and inspiration to the public at large. Themes have involved feelings and ideas about housing, homelessness, poverty, discrimination, environmental concerns, institutions, nature, love, and personal identity.

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Photo credit: Scot Velardo

Photo credit: Elisa Smith

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Freedom For All (Prison)

Sanctuary For All - The Evolution of Man - Love

Happy Earth Day

Future project ideas involve the coordination of a public event at the homeless camp involving a full length shadow puppet performance.

Check back soon for more updates!

Designing and building shadow scenes for tents